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3D Modeling-Bipeds


I've been modeling since 1991 and find pushing points very enjoyable. The challenge of sculpting in 3D is attractive. Being able to create an organic piece such as a human mesh is a rewarding process. I also love the task of creating morph shapes from a mesh that I've made. I currently model using Modo. Many of these meshes I'm showing here are screen grabs to show the mesh shape and topology layout. Any final rendered images were created by other talented artists such as CWRW and Virtual World. These images showcase the shapes I've created. My most recent work is made specifically for HiveWire 3D (a content company that I own with my business partner Lisa Buckalew).

Dawn Special Edition
Dawn SE Newsletter
Dawn SE Pop Up
Dawn SE Pop Up 02
Dawn SE Main
Dawn SE Feet
Dawn SE Hands
Dawn SE Facial Morphs
Dawn SE Facial Morphs 2
Dawn SE Facial Morphs 3
Dawn SE Body Morphs
Dawn Mid Length Hair
Model I created Of Mid Length Hair
Eyes Colors
Dusk Poses1
Hands And Feet
Dusk Body Morphs
Dusk Expressions And Visemes
Hero Hair
Hero Hair Morphs
Dusk Creature Head Morphs
Dusk Raptor Morph
Werewolf Morph
Gecko Morph
Werewolf 2 Morph
Pug Face Morph
Vampire Morph
Supreme Head Morph
Orc Morph
Bird Morph
Troll Morph
Dragon Morph
Merman Morph
Cranium Morphs
HiveWire Baby Luna
Baby Luna
Baby Luna Poses
Baby Luna Cry Morph
Baby Luna Ortho View
Baby Luna Smile Morph
Balloon Cheek Morph
Baby Luna Rhino Morph
Baby Luna Rhino
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